Working on new release of Ayaspell

I am working on a new version of Arabic spell checker dictionary,
the last release if for January 2008.
Why I want to make an other release?
1- because the first release, was made under difficult circumstances، when there is no Arabic open source spellcheker,
2- the first release  has a complicated affixation files, which made the spell checker slow, and maintenance complicated, and adding new words difficult, and sometimes impossible
3- the dictionary is used with Hunspell only, and can’t be used for aspell or php.

What does change?
1- Now, we have more experience, and more tools, like qutrub ( an arabic verb conjugator), valuable data.

What  will we do?
1- Simplify rules of  affixation,
2- Use Qutrub to generate verbs forms in order to simplify rules.
3- Make tools which allow to add new words simply.
4- Make an abstract dictionary, with convention tools to Hunspell and Aspell.
3- The new version will be based on rules simplification, and augmentation of data entries.

We need help, by :
– suggestions, comments,
– Arabic word list to improve our dictionary.
– dictionary review.
– developing a web site for arabic spell checking using ayaspell.
– developing an interface to add new words.

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